incubatorOne of the Appeals the Ickle Pickles charity was running for 2016 was to help the London Neonatal Service buy 3 new Globetrotter Transport Incubators for our 3 Ambulances. At £10,445 per Incubator & a total of £31,355 this was a big appeal.

Following the Incubator Ball held in London last month enough funds were raised for 2 Incubators to be purchased. However, thanks to the amazing generosity of the chaps at the Chewbacca Charity Golf Day at Worplesdon Golf Club last Friday another £15,000 was raised and now the 3rd & final Globetrotter is PAID For! Thank you Nathan Hargreaves for the nomination….

And a big Thank you to the Ickle Pickles Team for all their continued support.

You can find out more about this amazing charity at:


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