A fun and thought-provoking advert for the award-winning NeoMate app has been released.  Designed to spread the word about the benefits of using NeoMate, the advert makes a valuable point about the critical nature of the first hour of a newborn baby’s life, often referred to as the “golden hour”, for babies requiring resuscitation and stabilisation.  Developed by experienced clinicians and based on London NTS guidelines, the NeoMate app helps busy staff double-check that every important step of stabilisation has been completed, and assists with complex and time-consuming drug calculations.

Since its release to the world for free, the NeoMate app has been downloaded almost 20,000 times.   It boasts users from 170 countries, the top five being the UK, India, US, Mexico and Egypt.  Roughly 5% of users use it daily, 20% weekly, and 50% monthly.  In February 2015, NeoMate was awarded the NHS Innovation Acorn Challenge Prize.

If you’re a clinician who works with neonatal patients, you can download the NeoMate Android app or download the NeoMate iPhone app to benefit from this useful resource.


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