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NESTT: Neonatal Emergencies Simulation Team Training   

The NESTT course is a multi-professional team training course for healthcare providers working with sick neonates.

The course focuses on gaining insight into a clinician’s own role within their usual team and uses simulation to explore human factors and the principles of CRM (Crisis Resource Management) to reduce human error and improve team performance.

Case scenarios are based on actual transfers from London NTS and the course is facilitated by experienced faculty. Participants will be able to gain insights into teamwork, human factors and CRM.

  • Course Director: Dr Syed Mohinuddin, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Co-ordinator: Sharon Lott, Matron London NTS
  • Experienced multi-professional faculty
  • We aim to improve participants’ confidence in dealing with neonatal emergencies working within a team.  The day includes fun team building activities.
  • What will I gain: insights into the impact of Human factors and CRM and their application in clinical emergencies.
  • What we can offer you: an effective team learning environment to achieve course objectives.
  • Implications for Practice: confidence in management of neonatal emergencies, networking and sharing of good practice.

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A new training course specially developed to teach and embed the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed for a safe and efficient neonatal transfer

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STAN is the only dedicated and openly available neonatal transport course in England. The course was developed and piloted with input from London NTS clinicians who form most of the faculty, and launched as a privately funded entity in 2023.

STAN Course is suitable for:

  • neonatal consultants and paediatric consultants with a neonatal interest
  • ST4+ paediatric and neonatal grid training post doctors, or international equivalent
  • senior nurses with strong neonatal ITU experience
  • experienced paramedics, nurses and doctors working for interfacility transport teams who take part in neonatal transport